Wasatch Employee Benefit Service, Inc.

Consultants & Administrators

Retirement Plan Services

We offer a full range of ongoing consulting and administration record keeping services including a plan design tailored to meet the needs of your your retirement plan objectives. We offer a prototype document (standardized and non-standardized), daily, monthly and year end valuations, IRS compliance testing and government reporting. We also provide administration for all forms of Defined Contribution Plans.

Plan Design

A comprehensive meeting discussing eligibility, vesting, matching formulas, Profit Sharing allocation, loans, dollar limitations, withdrawal features, retirement dates, payroll correspondence, plan document prepartion, summary plan description booklets, etc.


Since Wasatch Employee Benefit Service is a fee based record-keeper, we allow our customers to select any type of plan investments. Traditionally, most plan sponsors select from a family of Mutual Funds that consist of different categories of Stock, Bond and Money Market Funds. At Wasatch, our customers can also select from family of funds but also have the opportunity to design their investment choices from different families or Insurance and Brokerage firms. By selecting the "very best rated" category of funds from different families, the customer is now offering its employees the best possible investment available. In addition, we record-keep individual self-directed brokerage accounts that allow an employee to select their own selective investments outside of the Plan sponsor selections.



After to plan design and investments have been selected, Wasatch will begin the communication phase by preparing customized handouts, brochures and communication pieces describing the various plan features. We will further conduct on site enrollment meetings explaining the various details of the retirement program.